Jac Blom BV has produced planters since as early as 1830. At first these were wooden tubs for, for example, washing machines and cheese, later for orangeries, castle gardens and private homes.

About our planters:

Our planters are made of  Accoya wood and  available in the standard sizes mentioned below. Other  sizes are available on request. Planters can be delivered untreated, teaklook with protection, or painted in a RAL colour or any different colour on request.

The hoops are made of stainless steel and can, if desired, be painted. Stainless steel handles are optional .

Wooden feet to seperate the tub from the ground is also optional.

Standaard maten:

Diameter x height at a thickness of ± 22mm.

45 x 42 cm
50 x 46 cm
55 x 50 cm
60 x 55 cm
65 x 61 cm
70 x 62 cm


 Diameter x height at a thickness of ± 28mm.

75 x 63 cm
80 x 70 cm
85 x 76 cm

Diameter x height at a thickness of ± 35mm.

90 x 80 cm
95 x 85 cm
100 x 90 cm
105 x 90 cm
110 x 90 cm
115 x 95 cm
120 x 95 cm
125 x 95 cm


Every planter is made of Accoya wood and comes with a certificate. This document guarantees the origin and use of Accoya wood and should therefore be kept safe . On the document you will find a serial number; this number corresponds with the number found on the planter.